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7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration

With the Water Kooler’s advanced filtration system, the water is filtered through our seven-stage reverse osmosis filtration system that removes contaminents, toxic metals, dissolved solids, chlorine, as well as unwanted odors found in the water. The end result is healthy, high quality drinking water.

Minimal Waste Technology

The Water Kooler strategically uses 3 Reverse Osmosis Membranes to eliminate most of the waste water when creating purified water. The machine has close to a 1:1 water ratio i.e. just over 1 gallon of water is required to produce 1 gallon of purified RO filtered water. Most other water vending machines use a 3:1 or 4:1 to create their filtered water. This makes the Water Kooler the most cost effective and environmentally friendly water vending machine on the market.

PLC Components

Siemens Electronics has developed the electronics and PLC components that are used throughout our machines. The Kooler Ice electronics system is the heart and soul of our machines and will display alerts and important machine functions on an LCD panel inside the machine. We made the decision early on to only use only the best electronic components to ensure the reliability and adaptability of our electronics system. Siemens industrial grade PLC’s, Contactors, Relays and HMI (Human Interface Screens) are used throughout our machines and all are secured in an industrial grade, waterproof panel to provide our customers with the most reliable, serviceable, and durable electronic design in the ice vending industry.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame

Welding is a core competency at Kooler Ice. While we have been designing, fabricating and welding our ice and water vending machines since 2007, our management and fabrication team have well over 100 years combined experience in the design, fabrication and welding of industrial equipment. Our frames are made from high strength aluminum tubing and were designed to offer a durable, long lasting, rust-free life while housing these valuable components. In addition, our machines can be updated in the future and re-certified, to further extend the life of your investment.

Plug and Play Wiring Harness

Plug and play electronics are utilized throughout the entire Kooler Ice product line to ensure that our customers can quickly and easily replace any component on the machine with no electrical background or experience. Our entire wiring system features wiring harnesses with Deutsch type connectors that are labeled and numbered, making service and replacement an easy process for anyone!

Let’s Get Started!

Take your existing business to the next level or start your very own water vending business from the ground up with the Water Kooler!

Let’s Get Started!

Take your existing business to the next level or start your very own water vending business from the ground up with the Water Kooler!

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